Waxolutionists – We Paint Colors


The world famous Waxolutionists from Vienna present their fifth long player “We Paint Colors”! Following the success of their last 12″ “Feet don´t fail me” feat. Dave Ghetto, Hezekiah & Mystic, “Flashlight” feat. Hygher Baby, and “Dance with me” feat. Dave Ghetto, Hezekiah & Mystic, the Waxos deliver a full spectrum on their LP. Whether it’s classic rap-tracks, soulful deep affairs, dark Detroit inspired tunes, jazz-influenced tracks driven by live-instrumentation or new styled fresh beats… it’s all there… and under the magic hands of the Waxolutionists, it just fits together – naturally. They definitely paint colors!

for more info check: www.supercity.at/artists/waxolutionists

little preview:


01. Intro feat. Rich Medina
02. Flashlight feat. Hygher Baby
03. Strictly Solid (Skit)
04. Steel Remains feat. Blu
05. Bleak Prophecy
06. Kantate
07. On feat. Frank Nitty
08. Field of Wonders
09. Showbiz feat. Manuva, Roger & Flowin Immo
10. Atlas
11. Dance with me feat. Mystic, Dave Ghetto & He
12. Relaxing Waxing (Skit)
13. Take this Job feat. Rusty Redenbacher of the Mudkids
14. Overloaded
15. Freifach Musik 3
16. Feet don t fail me feat. Mystic, Dave Ghetto
17. EOS
18. Morning Dew
19. Kill Kill Kill feat. DJ Vadim & Big Red
20. Frontin Anger
21. Outro feat. Rich Medina

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