Swede:art – Emotional Colors


From boombap to boogie and beyond, the highly anticipated debut album from German wunderkind Swede:art has it all! Songs about sex on the airplane, robots, eternal life, linguistics and space rides are only the start. Influences from techno avantgarde and 90s hiphop melt into unorthodox funk, subbass staccatos, saw tooth wave attacks, bleep action in slow motion and more diabolic ingredients. In short, ‘Emotional Colors’ is a must for the passionate space traveler. Guest artists on the album include Duktus, Note, Pursuit Grooves, Stray, Blaktroniks, Caits Meissner and Comfort Fit.

for info and buy: tokyodawn.net/swedeart-emotional-colors

personally some tracks are too eletronic, but overall is not bad


01. Black Mining
02. I’m A R.O.B.O.T. (feat. Blaktroniks)
03. Embrace The Chill (feat. Comfort Fit & Persuit Grooves)
04. Linguistics (feat. Stray)
05. You Live Forever (feat. Duktus)
06. Sex On The Airplane
07. King Of Orleans
08. Snapshots On A Sunday Night
09. Wonkybikez
10. A Room Of Prayers (feat. Caits Meissner)
11. Mosambique
12. On My Way (feat. Note & Duktus)
13. Underpurpled
14. Change
15. My Home Is Not Here
16. Samklang

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