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It would be fair to call Quetzal a typical vinyl junkie; born and raised on the sounds of classic soul and jazz, by the early 90′s he had discovered a love of hip hop culture, through the New York scene. It was this music and a fascination with processes used to create it, which gave Quetzal the drive to become a producer. Sample based music and crate digging were the flavour, and by 2003 producing had become the focus of his career. ‘Vision’ follows on from the hugely popular Onra & Quetzal joint drop ‘…Present Tribute’. Onra’s follow up to this was the massive ‘Chinoiseries’ album, merging instrumental hip hop and obscure Vietnamese pop samples (leading to one track being lifted and reinterpreted for the Coka-Cola Beijing Olympics ad campaign!) Now it is Quetzal’s turn to blow up, with his own long player ‘Vision’. ‘Vision’ explores a world of smooth grooves combined with more rootsy musical elements; 70′s Latin, Caribbean and Jamaican styles are clearly present, all seamlessly melded with more hip-hop and soul flavours. This is a nomadic sound – Quetzal is clearly a well travelled individual, and listening to ‘Vision’ feels like a journey through several diverse places. This is one for the beat journeymen and fans of Dusted Soul grooves and Tru Thoughts alike. ‘Vision’ also features guest vocals from Marie M, The Outabodies and Dye. While working on “Vison”, his forthcoming new album just started in 2007,Quetzal produced three tracks featured in the Boulangerie compilation, by the Fine Equipe. He is currently also working with many other diverse artists such as Dye, Leck Lips, Marie M, Nicolas Coyez, The Outabodies, Doods Mc, Enz, Mil, Fave . Check!

little preview:


01. Natural (intro)
02. Arroz Y Frijoles
03. El Sol (My Old Vinyl) (feat Marie M)
04. Morning Pleasure (interlude)
05. El Planchao
06. Shes Spicy
07. On The Road (Feel Pretty Good In Myself)
08. Cien Anos De Soledad (interlude)
09. Fig Pulp
10. Stay Funky (feat The Outabodies)
11. Sweet Song For Strong Women
12. Des Singes Dans Des Arbres De Beton (interlude)
13. Poussiere D ame (Kofi part 2)
14. I Need The Street (Pernety Blues)
15. Gvava Juice (interlude)
16. Fruits (feat Dye)
17. Dario Y Sandino (Books and Guns)
18. The Volume (Flying Over Brentford Road) (interlude)
19. Calle O Reilly
20. Lady Pink and Crazy Legs
21. Where Is Al Quetz?
22. Drums and Dreams (interlude)
23. Little Brother Needs A Hope
24. Quiet Night (feat Dye)
25. When I’ll Be Back (Outro feat Dye)

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  1. elMS says:

    definitely one of my favorite beatmakers. this album (& artist) is way too underrated. found out about him here. DL’d it but ended up buying the vinyl from bandcamp anyway. This Website is great for people who want to expand their musical horizons. KEEP IT UP.

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