Piero Umiliani – La Ragazza Fuori Strada


One of the coolest Italian soundtracks we’ve heard in a long time — a wonderful set of tunes that moves from slinky, to easy, to groovy, and beyond! The tunes start out bubbling very spare and slow — with floating piano, moog, and other nice bits — and as the record progresses, the sound gets heavier, with some nice funky elements thrown into the mix! The whole thing’s a brilliant exercise in understatement — not only one of the best soundtracks by Umiliani from the 70s, but also a perfect example of why we dig Italian soundtracks so much! Titles include “Volto Di Donna”, “La Prima Uscita”, “La Rinuncia”, “Senza Tregua”, “Nostalgia”, “The Party”, and “Maryam”.


01. Volto Di Donna (Original Demo)
02. Volto Di Donna
03. Nostalgia
04. La Rinuncia
05. Nostalgia
06. Senza Tregua
07. Volto Di Donna
08. Il Tuo Volto
09. Nostalgia
10. Cantata Per Maryam
11. La Rinuncia
12. Oltre L’acqua Del Fiume
13. La Prima Uscita
14. Tra La Gente
15. Le Ore Che Contano (Base)
16. Volto Di Donna
17. Maryam
18. The Party
19. Le Ore Che Contano
20. Volto Di Donna
21. Il Tuo Volto

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  1. hey, I’ve just listened Umiliani for the 1st time and already love it!

  2. This soundtrack is awesome: great sound and it’s so groovy! I really love it!

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