Mental Abstrato – Pure Essence


Mental Abstrato – Pure Essence… The pure essence of smooth jazz and classical as well as rarities of Brazilian music comes to the surface, with the debut disc from this project. The duo (Omig One & Tranquilitas) in perfect harmony, bring together various musicians performances and samplers, with inspirational beats provide definitely a mental journey to the abstract. Special Guest: Ohmega Watts, Art Official, Dyé, Awon, Gelleia, Mimi Smooth, Ronaldo Camilo e Marcelo Monteiro.

little preview:


01. Intro (Feat. Gelleia)
02. Ja Era Uma Vez (Feat. Ronaldo Camilo)
03. Me Desculpe Mas Não Resisti (Feat. Logics And Newsense Of Artofficial)
04. Universo Encantado
05. The End (Feat. Mo´dyé)
06. A Origem É Essa
07. Quando Ouviu O Meu Samba (Feat. Ohmega Watts)
08. Assim Eu Sigo
09. Mundo Cruel (Feat. Marcelo Monteiro & Ronaldo Camilo)
10. Pretérito Perfeito (Feat. Mimismooth)
11. Jazzeira
12. A Primeira Audição É A Que Fica (Feat. Awon)
13. Bons Fluidos
14. Villa Bentrane (Feat. Piso Inferior)

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