Maker – Maker vs. Now-Again


Chicago-area beatsmith Maker marks his Now-Again Records debut with Maker Vs. Now Again an entry in the same “music-library” series that saw the release  Oh No Vs. Now-Again. A boom-bap era hip hop exercise in dusty drum breaks and two bar loops, this CD comes packaged in a “mini-LP” thick cardboard “tip-on” sleeve. Only 1000 copies of this CD were manufactured.


01. Walk Away Son
02. Shout
03. The Love We Have
04. Everyone Else
05. Realization
06. Happenings
07. Everything Is Beautiful
08. The Fire That Burns
09. Hold’em
10. Organ Prelude Dub
11. Colors
12. Summer Times
13. Free
14. Southside Phantom
15. Forge Your Own Chains
16. Come home With Me
17. Sneak Into My Bedroom
18. Snake Bite
19. Summer Times prt2
20. Ashtray

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    What’s up dOk, do you have a link to the new Maker album Maker vs. Now-Again 2?

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