Arthur Verocai – Arthur Verocai


Sweet and jazzy pop from early 70s Brazil — a great little album that we’d rank with our favorites by Marcos Valle and Edu Lobo! Arthur Verocai isn’t nearly as well-known as those two, but he works in a similar territory — taking jazz, large arrangements, and nice touches of electric funk — and working them into a groove that has the soaring and ambitious feel of the best post-Tropicalia work of 70s Brazil! This rare gem was self-produced, and fell of the map almost as soon as it was released — but it really deserves wider recognition, and shines with a depth that makes it an instant classic to our ears! Titles include “Presente Grego”, “Caboclo”, “Pelas Sombras”, “O Mapa”, “Sylvia”, “Karina”, “Velho Parente”, and “Dedicada A Ela”.


01. Caboclo
02. Pelas Sombras
03. Sylvia
04. Presente Grego
05. Dedicada a Ela
06. Seriado
07. Na Boca Do Sol
08. Velho Parente
09. O Mapa
10. Karina (Domingo No Grajau)

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  1. tamara says:

    verocai is amazing.

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