Alien Army – The End


Alien Army was a group formed by 11 italian DJ (Skizo, Zak, Tayone, Inesha, John Type 10, Metz, Gruff, Stile, Double S, Stanley, Popsta).
The concept of the group was to add different styles, combined with original thoughts, unified under one roof, in the hands of the most prepared and talented turntablists in Italy. Creativity is at the base of the group. Consistant training, competivness and musical backgrounds form an untouchable alliance for the future of worldwide turntablizm. Alien Army is an orchestral sextet based on turntables, mixers and effects units. The intent is to develop the concept of turntablizm in its purest form to bombard untried and unvisited realms on the five percent hip hop culture putting Italy first place in the worldwide turntable culture.

little preview:


01. Intro
02. Destroy
03. Thronic Harmonic
04. We Keep Things Rollin
05. Tales From The Dark Side pt.2
06. Magnetikal Chemistry
07. Sorry Wrong Number
08. The Classic feat. DJ Gruff
09. Daily Nightmares
10. 40 Degrees Of Revolution
11. Help Me I’m Falling
12. Scratchoetry
13. Let U All Know
14. Fresh Confidence
15. The Terrible Invasion pt.1 feat. DJ Radar
16. Phrases In My Mind

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