Veebeeo – Instrumentality


VeeBeeO aka Tim Lundblad was born in the city of Stockholm in 1981. Growing up with musicians as parents he was constantly surrounded by all kinds of music, something that came to be the foundation for the special blend he now produces, as well as his love for good music of all genres. He began playing drums at the age of 8 and a few years later he also took interest in keyboard, bass, guitar, making beats and the art of recording, with time turning him into the multiskilled muscian/producer/songwriter he is today. Veebeo appears on the already highly acclaimed Beat Dimensions project (Rush Hour) and now comes his debut 12” EP “Instrumentality”. A 6 track EP with headnodding beats for ya eardrums, CHECK!

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01. December
02. Cast
03. Klox
04. Byxa
05. Fraktur
06. #9.3

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