Shingo Suzuki – The Abstract Truth


Shingo Suzuki is a Japanese bassist / producer. Shingo’s quality tracks which are made with his unique beat making style -Sampling his own instrumental playing- cought attentions of artists such as Moka Only(rapper/Canada).Blu(rapper/US),20syl of Hocus Pocus(Rapper/France),DJ Greem of Hocus Pocus. With the appearances of these internationally known names,1st album ”The ABSTRACT TRUTH” became a hit not only in Japan but also the Euro scene. The album is TOP10 in Japanese CD Shop,Portugal and France of Hip-Hop album chart of i Tunes Music Store. Yahoo! and Myspace Japan critique that “The ABSTRACT TRUTH” is the biggest surprise in the Japanese music scene of the year 2008. Also,Shingo is a leader of Ovall. Ovall is spiritual jazz/hip-hop band based in Tokyo. 
With each member(mabanua(Dr),Shingo Sekiguchi(Gtr)) bringing unique musicianship and solid skill to the table, the band’s approach to hip-hop with fusion of live instrumentals and sampling takes listeners to the world of “Absolute Mixture Music” as Shingo Suzuki calls the style of Ovall.

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01. Voice Of The World
02. Flyable feat. Moka Only
03. Night Lights with Thirdiq
04. Sunrise feat. Martina P & Blanco Nice
05. Hi(gh) Music feat. Blu
06. Echo From The Sky
07. M.O.G.
08. Livin’ Up feat. 20syl, DJ Green & Ol’ K
09. Inside Your Love
10. A Kind Of Metaphor
11. Red Earth
12. 1000 Nights
13. Eternal Sunshine
14. Shayo feat. Ol’ K
15. Universe For H

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