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MANHATTAN RESEARCH INC. features electronic music, musique concrete experiments, advertising jingles, and soundtracks originally featured in Jim Henson’s pre-Muppet films. The electronic sounds generated on this 2-CD set were made by Raymond Scott inventions including the Clavivox, Circle Machine, Bass Line Generator, Rhythm Modulator, Karloff, Bandito The Bongo Artist and Electronium.

Recorded between 1953 & 1969. Includes liner notes by Joel Chadabe, Jeff Winner, Karen Falk, Gert-Jan Blom and Irwin Chusid. Includes interviews with Robert Moog, Herb Deutsch, Alan Entenman and Thomas Rhea.

Fascinated by the orderliness of sounds and machines, Raymond Scott composed and produced his innovative, eccentric, electronic music for commercials, films and his own amusement in the ’50s and ’60s. In assembling this overview of Scott’s oeuvre, this lavish double album writes an important chapter in his life and career, defining his place in electronic music’s history.

little preview:

01. Manhattan Research, Inc. Copyright
02. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.
03. Bendix ‘The Tomorrow People’
04. Lightworks
05. The Bass-Line Generator
06. Don’t Beat Your Wife Every Night
07. B.C. 1675
08. Vim
09. Auto-Lite – Sta-Ful
10. Sprite ‘Melonball Bounce’
11. Sprite ‘Melonball Bounce’
12. Wheels That Go
13. Limbo – The Organized Mind
14. Portofino
15. County Fair
16. Lady Gaylord
17. Good Air
18. IBM MTSt – ‘The Paperwork Explosion’
19. Domino
20. Super Cheer
21. Cheer – Revision 3
22. Twilight In Turkey
23. Vicks – Medicated Cough Drops
24. Vicks – Formula 44
25. Auto-Lite – Spark Plugs
26. Nescafe
27. Awake
28. Backwards Overload
29. Bufferin – ‘Memories’ (Original)
30. Bandito The Bongo Artist
31. Night And Day
32.Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. ’395′
34.IBM Probe
35.Gmgm 1a
36.The Rhythm Modulator
01. Ohio Plus 02.In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen
03. General Motors Futurama
04. Portofino 2
05. The Wild Piece
06. Take Me To Your Violin Teacher
07. Ripples (Original Soundtrack)
08. Cyclic Bit
09. Ripples (Montage)
10. The Wing Thing
11. County Fair (Instrumental)
12. Cindy Electronium
13. Don’t Beat Your Wife Every Night! (Instr.)
14. Hostess – Twinkies
15. Hostess – Twinkies (Instr.)
16. Ohio Bell Thermo Fax
17. The Pygmy Taxi Corporation
18. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Announce Copy, Take 1)
19. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.
20. Lightworks (Slow)
21. IBM MtSt – ‘The Paperwork Explosion’ (Instr.)
22. Auto-Lite – ‘Ford Family’
23. Auto-Lite ‘Ford Family’ (Instr.)
24. Auto-Lite ‘Wheels’
25. Bufferin ‘Memories’ (Demo)
26. Space Mystery (Montage)
27. The Toy Trumpet
28. Backward Beeps
29. Auto-Lite – Sta-Ful
30. Lightworks (Instr.)
31. When Will It End?
32. Bendix 2 – The Tomorrow People
33. Electronic Audio Logos, Inc.CD1

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