Neco Redd – No Discipline EP


Neco Redd is a veteran singer and songwriter. She has toured with Kid Rock and Amp Fiddler of the legendary Parliament Funkadelic. Neco has pinned songs for diverse artists in the industry including “American Pimp” and “Fever” for Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP). She is currently completing her Songwriting project with her partner Nation and they together are known as Groverton Finch. She just released her debut project the NO Discipline EP which features emcees Finale and Fat Father and production by Tony Ozier, Chris Cobb, and Nick Speed of G-Unit. (spotted at bamalovesoul)


01. In The Name Of…
02. Nobody Wants U (feat Gorilla Funk Mob)
03. No Discipline
04. History (HIS- STORY)
05. Southern Lovin
06. When U Do What U Do
07. Until(Good Times) feat. Finale
08. Detroit City feat. Fat Father

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