Mono/Poly – Paramatma


Paramatma is the Supreme Soul, but in this case it’s the supreme sound. After two years of toiling, Mono/Poly debuts his first full-length release, Paramatma, on May 25. The album is a mix of dub-step beats, astral soundscapes, Eastern philosophy, Metaphysics, and politics. Paramatma has a range of sound that is as cohesive as it is open to experimentation, and the album is less individual tracks and more elements of a musical journey.

The Paramatma USB Card contains the full album as 320kps MP3s, artist interviews, exclusive photos and artwork, unreleased tracks, remixes, and some other neat stuff.

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01. Art 9
02. Explosive Puppetry
03. False Flag
04. Black Box Matrix Death
05. Antibodies
06. The System Crumbles
07. Roots In Earth (Muladhara)
08. Waters Of Duality
09. Land Of Love Star Grab
10. Analysis (DNA) Fire Passion
11. The Great Awakening
12. Spring Crossings
13. In The Air (Anahata)
14. Lucid Day Dreams
15. Vibration (Vishuddha)
16. The Minds Eye (Clarity & Vision)
17. Lets Take A Trip
18. FireWorks (Sahasrara)
19. 1000 Pedaled Lotus (Awakened)
01. Nexplore
02. Ground Beef
03. The Carnival

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