Marion Brown – Vista


Altoist Marion Brown, one of the potentially great high-energy saxophonists to emerge in the mid-’60s (he was on John Coltrane’s famous Ascension record), has had somewhat of a directionless career. This disc certainly boasts an impressive backup crew (including both Anthony Davis and Stanley Cowell on keyboards along with bassist Reggie Workman and some appearances by drummer Ed Blackwell) but does not seem to know what it wants to be. The solos are relatively short, there is a poppish vocal by Allen Murphy on a Stevie Wonder tune and little that is all that memorable actually occurs. Better to acquire Marion Brown’s earlier recordings.



01. Maimoun
02. Visions
03. Vista
04. Moment Of Truth
05. Bismillah ‘Rrahmani ‘Rrahim
06. Djinji

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  1. Mate says:

    I’m afraid, there’s something wrong with that recording. I haven’t found anything better on the internet. If you’re able to upload this one in better quality, that would be awesome.

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