La Fine Equipe And Mattic – Fantastic Planet


Hello good earth!

Fantastic is………. The beauty of 6 core members from different parts of the good earth actually getting together in Paris for a spand 3 years to make a album. It’s Fantactic because the Majority of this album was done together. How people can discuss dreams together due to the respect for each individuals talent and make a album together.

The Planet is…………..

Each track is like a planet you come up on in your spaceship (your mind), nothing sounds the same. It’s kind of like a journey into this sound we put together. It was in all a good time working together and the guet artist, who came in to help make this album sound the way is does (We Thank you…you know who you are).

Enjoy and Welcome to the Planet of Fantastic Sounds.

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A1. Enter The Planet
A2. 10 Seconds
A3. The Hokey Pokey
A4. Think 4 Yourself
A5. Relax Featuring ASM
A6. Up On The Planet
B1. They Might Say
B2. I Am Style
B3. Back In The Days
B4. Light
B5. We Still Here
C1. Perfect World
C2. Everybody Wants
C3. Break It Down
C4. Sniper
C5. Check 1-2
D1. Sleepin’
D2. Freak The Funk
D3. Clear Eyes
D4. Last Days
D5. Million Keys
D6. Outro

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