Eternal Morning (Tablo & Pe2ny) – Soundtrack To A Lost Film


Epik High reached the peak of their career in 2007 with #1 hits like Fan and Love, Love, sweeping the 2007 Mnet Km Music Festival by taking home the Best Album and Best Hip Hop Album of the Year awards. Behind the success of Epik High stands multi-talented singer-songwriter Tablo. He pairs up with Pe2ny, an established producer in his own rights, to form the project team Eternal Morning and rolls out an unusual album titled Eternal Morning – Soundtrack To A Lost Film.

Eternal Morning – Soundtrack To A Lost Film is the first album of its kind. Each of the songs in the album is conceived around an imaginary film and contains raw, unfamiliar sounds marked by irregular rhythm and jarring noise. Principal track White features a harmony of piano and strings with no other instrumental additives. The reason behind the simplicity stems from the artists’ visionary desire that listeners draw out the emotions not merely from the lyrics, but from the music itself. Soundtrack To A Lost Film professes to be a rare kind of soundtrack, hoping to deliver creative inspirations to its listeners.

little preview:


01. Eternal Morning
02. Plastic Umbrella
03. Love Is
04. White
05. The 8th Day
06. Rainclouds In My Room
07. Holden Caulfield
08. Fingerprints
09. Black Shoe
10. City That Never Sleeps
11. Father’s Watch
12. Eternal Mourning

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