Doom – Doom


First of this release has 40 tracks rather than 39 and has different tracks according to the other, released under his final alias name “Doom”, and of course last but not least Doom has been making quite a lot of noise lately in the underground scene which attracted listeners worldwide. Some indi label overseas decided to put out a best of retail hitting stores this Tues on the 1st of June.


01. Savior Beans
02. Gazzillion Ear
03. Doom
04. Sorcerers
05. Fire In The Hole
06. Ballskin
07. 3.214
08. Cellz
09. Fire Wood Drumstix
10. The Unexpected
11. That’s That
12. Trap Door
13. Get ‘Er Done
14. Chinatown Wars Ft. Ghostface
15. Distant Star
16. Mash’s Revenge
17. Sniper Lite
18. My Favorite Ladies/Remain Ft. Jose Gonz-Lez
19. Fly That Knot
20. Gunfight
21. Benetton
22. Never Go Pop
23. Quite Buttery
24. Cold One
25. Yikes
26. Lightworks
27. ?
28. This Is Dedicated
29. Project Jazz
30. Potholderz Ft. Count Bass D
31. Kookies (Just Blaze Remix)
32. Biochemical Equation Ft. The Rza
33. The Mask Ft. Ghostface
34. Angeles Ft. Ghostface
35. Running Around With Another
36. Da Superfriendz Ft. Vast Aire
37. All Outta Ale
38. Bell Of Doom
39. Hook’s Is Extra
40. A New World

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