45 aka Swing-O – The Revenge Of Soul


45 a.k.a. SWING-O,Japanese pianist/composer/producer mainly works in Tokyo club music scene with countless big names (Steph Pockets,KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE, Ai, Keyco,Kreva, etc). He joined more than 100 album as a producer, composer,pianist. He was a leader of izanami that are soul band. After that,He belongs to the band called JAMNUTS which is a project of Top 30 professional players in Tokyo. the Japanese artist who first grabbed our ears with the chunky funk of his debut — stepping out here as a much more fully-formed soul producer! The album’s title is well-put — as 45 brings a wide range of soul elements into play here — getting help from guests who include Stephanie McKay, Ryan Shaw, Marcellus Nealy, Jimmy Abney, and Suji Tap — all of whom flesh out the sound, and make for an album of really well-developed grooves! There’s still plenty of funk in the rhythms, but the instrumentation’s tighter too — instrumental soul at some points, and vocal soul at others — yet always with that kind of hip spin that we’ve come to love from Japanese artists over the past decade or so. Titles include “I Believe”, “Mysterious Journey”, “Another Place”, “Right Now”, “Big Man Hunting”, “Soul 2 Sole”, “Que Chevere”, “The Revenge Of Soul”, “The Dawn”, and “Nothing Feels Better Than You”.

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01. Message
02. I Believe feat. Stephanie McKay
03. Sweet Sweat Pt. 2
04. The Dawn feat. Ryan Shawn
05. Fagettaboutit feat. Youngs
06. Mysterious Journey
07. Another Place feat. Bulljun (Tonda Trio)
08. Big Man Hunting feat. Marcellus Nealy
09. Right Now feat.Amphibious Underground with Youngs
10. Nothing Feels Better Than You feat. Jimmy Abney
11. Soul 2 Sole feat. Suji Tap
12. Sole Muzic feat. Suji Tap
13. Que Chevere!
14. The Revenge Of Soul

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