Ras G – El-Alylien Part 1


Ras returns from planet X with a six track EP of abstract dub-hop head pressure. With ‘El Alyien Part 1′ it soon becomes obvious that we’ve caught Ras at his most esoteric. The first four tracks are a bong-eyed blend of rich field recordings and crackly samples knitted togther with a bed of psychoactively charged subbass. There’s almost no telling where each track starts and stops if you weren’t looking at the screen, lending an intuitive and expressionist collage feel to the set. GB’s remix brings up the rear with a spherical rerub of the second track, sounding a little like the Delia Derbyshire just smoked a blunt with Dilla. Recommended!


01. Discipline09-1
02. Discipline09-2
03. Discipline09-3
04. Discipline09-4
05. Dak Leaver Mix
06. Discipline09-2 GB Remix

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