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Jun Seba (February 19, 1974 – February 26, 2010) was a Japanese hip-hop  producer and DJ who recorded under the name Nujabes (Noo-Jah-Bess). His alias was simply his name “sebajun” spelled backwards. Nujabes was also owner of the Shibuya record stores, T Records and Guinness Records and founder of the independent label Hydeout Productions.

In addition to Japanese artists like Uyama Hiroto, Shing02 and Minmi, Nujabes collaborated with underground American hip-hop acts CYNE, Cise Starr (as a solo apart from the hiphop collective CYNE), Apani B, Five Deez, Substantial, CL Smooth, Terry Callier, as well as British rapper Funky DL. He was also a member of the production duo Urbanforest, an experimental collaboration with Nao T.

Nujabes was one of the most prolific contributors to the background music and soundtracks of Samurai Champloo, an anime which blends a feudal Japan setting with modern anachronisms, especially in regards to hip hop culture.

On February 26, 2010, Jun Seba was involved in a traffic accident upon exiting the Shuto Expressway late at night. He died at a hospital in Shibuya Ward after failed efforts to revive him. He was 36 years old. There was a private burial with only family in attendance. Hydeout Productions has stated that Nujabes has left behind tracks, which they plan to release in the near future.

???? – Sweet Sticky Thing (Mixtape)


A Side
01. Be Real Black For Me- Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
02. Hope That We Can Be Together Soon – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
03. Come To Me – Thelma Houston
04. Angel – Angela Winbush
05. Hurry Down Sunset – Chocolate Milk
06. With Your Love I Come Alive – Atlantic Star
07. If You Want Me, Say It – Love Unlimited
08. Phire – Charles Earland
09. Mater Of Love – Freda Payne
10. Sweet Love – Anita Baker
11. Young, Free And Single – SunFire
12. On A Clear Day – The Peddles
13. The Show Is Over – Evelyn “Champagne” King
14. Happy Song(Tonite) – Black Street
15. Sweet Sticky Thing – Ohio Players
16. I Suppose – Linda Tillery
17. The Skin You’re In – Taveres
18. Say You’ll Be – Jerome “Secret Weapon” Prister And Output

B Side
01. Looking For Your Love – Adriana Evans
02. Dark Side Of The Sun – GO
03. Ain’t Love Funny – Donny Mccullough
04. Closet Thing To Heaven – Amii Stewart
05. Separate Ways – Mary Davis
06. You’re Just What I Need – Betty Wiright
07. Elavete Our Mind – Linda Williams
08. Play My Music – Billy Butler
09. Just Me And You – Eramus Hall
10. Say It Again – Betty Wright
11. Stay (Brixton Bass Mix) – Glenn Jones
12. Somday – Gota & Heart Of Gold
13. Looking Up To You – Michael Wycolf
14. On My Mind – Jay E
15. Tell Me Mama – Tony Toni Tone
16. Can’t Fight The Feeling -Sugar
17. Mine All Mine – Cashflow
18. The Good Life – Bobbi Humphrey

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2001 – Ain’t No Mystery


01. Ain’t No Mystery (Clean)
02. Ain’t No Mystery (Instrumental)
03. Ain’t No Mystery (Clean)
04. Ain’t No Mystery (Accapella)
05. Bonus Track (Part Of Forth Coming Song)

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2002 – Nujabes & Shing02 – Luv(sic.) Part 1


01. Luv (Sic) (Clean Version)
02. Luv (Sic) (Instrumental)
03. Luv (Sic) (Remix (Clean) )
04. Luv (Sic) (Remix Instrumental)
05. Luv (Sic) (Accapella)

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2002 – Nujabes & Shing02 – Luv(sic.) Part 2


01. Luv (Sic) part 2 (Original Version)
02. Luv (Sic) part 2 (Tv Version)
03. Luv (Sic) Part 2 (Instrumental)
04. Luv (Sic) Part 2 (Acappella)

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2002 – Ristorante Mixtape

Side A and Side B mixed by Nujabes

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2003 – Metaphorical Music

01. Blessing It (Remix) feat. Substa
02. Horn In The Middle
03. Lady Brown feat. Cise Starr
04. Kumomi
05. Highs 2 Lows feat. Cise Starr
06. Beat Laments The World
07. Letter From Yokosuka
08. Think Different feat. Substant
09. A Day By Atmosphere Supreme
10. Next View feat. Uyama Hiroto O
11. Latitude (Remix) feat. Five Deez
12. F.I.L.O. feat. Shing02
13. Summer Gypsy
14. The Final View
15. Peaceland

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2003 – Flowers bw After hanabi


01. Flowers
02. After Hanabi (Listen To My Beat)

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2003 – Lady Brown


01. Lady Brown feat. Cise Star (Street Version)
02. Ladry Brown feat. Cise Star (Clean Version
03. Lady Brown (Instrumental)
04. Rotary Park ft. Nao Tokui

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2003 – Next View bw Beyond


01. Next View
02. Beyond

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2003 – Still Talking To You bw Steadfast


01. Still Talking To You
02. Steadfast

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2003 – Hydeout Productions (First Collection)


01. Moon Strut – Nujabes
02. Don’t Even Try It – Funky DL
03. Strive – Apani B-Fly Emcee
04. Home Sweet Home – Substantial
05. Still Talking to You – Nujabes
06. Luv(sic) – Shing02
07. Steadfast – Nujabes
08. Lyrical Terrorists – Substantial & L-Universe
09. Lose My Religion (Remix) – L-Universe
10. It’s About Time (Fat Jon Remix)- Pase Rock
11. Plazma Avenue (Remix) – Five Deez
12. D.T.F.N. -Cise Starr
13. People’s Don’t Stray – Funky DL
14. Luc(sic pt2) – Shing02

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2004 – Nujabes & Shing02 – F.i.l.o


01. F.I.L.O (Original)
02. F.I.L.O (TV Version)
03. F.I.L.O (Instrumental)
04. F.I.L.O (A Cappella)

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2004 – Samurai Champloo Music Records – Depature


01. Nujabes – Battlecry feat. Shing02
02. Nujabes – The Space Between Two World
03. Nujabes – Aruarian Dance
04. Nujabes – Kujaku
05. Nujabes – Mystline
06. Nujabes – 1st. Samurai
07. Fat Jon – Ole
08. Fat Jon – 624 Part 2
09. Fat Jon – Genome
10. Fat Jon – No Way Back
11. Fat Jon – Funkin
12. Fat Jon – Stay
13. Fat Jon – Chambers
14. Fat Jon – Ask
15. Fat Jon – How You Feel
16. Fat Jon – 624 Part 1
17. Minmi – Shiki No Uta

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2004 – Samurai Champloo Music Records – Impression


01. Force Of Nature – Just Forget
02. Force Of Nature – Nightshift
03. Force Of Nature – Hi Izuru Style feat. S-Word, Suiken
04. Force Of Nature – The Stroll
05. Force Of Nature – Set It Off
06. Force Of Nature – Death Wish
07. Force Of Nature – The Million Way Of Drum
08. Nujabes – A Space In Air In Space In Air (Interlude)
09. Nujabes – Sanctuary Ship
10. Nujabes – Haiku (Interlude)
11. Nujabes – Tsurugi No Mai
12. Nujabes – Dead Season
13. Nujabes – Decade (Interlude)
14. Nujabes – World Without Words
15. Nujabes – Kodama (Interlude)
16. Nujabes – Silver Morning
17. Fat Jon – Bracelet
18. Fat Jon – In Position
19. Fat Jon – Night Out
20. Fat Jon – Not Quite Seleah
21. Fat Jon – Labyrinth Statistic
22. Fat Jon – Here And There
23. Minmi – Who’s Theme

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2005 – Modal Soul


01. Feather feat.Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE
02. Ordinary Joe feat Terry Callier
03. Reflection Etrnal
04. Luv pt3 feat Shing02
05. Music is Mine
06. Eclipse feat Substantial
07. The Sign feat. Pase Rock
08. Thank You feat Apani B
09. World’s end Rhapsody
10. Modal Soul feat Uyama Hiroto
11. Flowers
12. Sea of Cloud
13. Light on the Land
14. Horizon
15. Aruarian Dance

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2005 – Blessing It (Remix)


01. Blessing It Remix (Street Version)
02. Blessing It Remix (Instrumental)
03. Blessing It Remix (Clean)
04. Highs To Lows Remix (Street Version)
05. Highs To Lows Remix (Instrumental)
06. Blessing It (Accappella)

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2005 – Nujabes & Cise Star – D.T.F.N


01. D.T.F.N (Street Version)
02. D.T.F.N (Instrumental Version)
03. D.T.F.N (Clean Version)
04. Shades of Nostalgia
05. D.T.F.N (Accapella)

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2007 – Hydeout Productions (Second Collection)


01. Nujabes – Voice of Autumn
02. Nujabes – Sky is falling (featuring C.L. Smooth)
03. Uyama Hiroto – Waltz for life will born
04. Clammbon By Nujabes – Imaginary Folklore
05. Nujabes – Hikari (featuring Substantial)
06. Nujabes – Counting Stars
07. Nujabes – Another Reflection
08. Nujabes – Fly by night (featuring Five Deez)
09. Pase Rock – Old Light(voices from 93 million miles away remix)
10. Emancipator – with rainy eyes
11. Shing02 – Luv(sic.) modal soul remix
12. Uyama Hiroto – windspeaks
13. DSK – Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix)
14. Nujabes – After Hanabi (Listen To My Beat)

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2008 – Nujabes & DJ Ryow – Hydeout Sound Lab

Mix of Jazzy Hip Hop

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2008 – Modal Soul Classics


01. To Impress The Empress – Scott Matelic
02. Ai-No-Kawa – Sleepwalker
03. Atoll Moao – Goldlix
04. Under the Hood – Specifics
05. Winter Lane – DSK
06. Mourn, Sob & Cry – Blue Asia
07. Children – Haki R Madhubuti
08. Sound Network – Unison
09. Omnipresence – Takero Ogata
10. A Dream Goes On Forever – Todd Rundgren
11. Dionna – Heprcam
12. Folklore – Clammbon
13. Vem Para Ficar – LAVA
14. Iyawo – Omar Sosa

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  1. Chris says:

    Great collection, thanks for posting it.

    Its sad nujabes died but the music will live on forever, its truly timeless

  2. Lost In Bamboo says:

    Rest In Peace Nujabes, May your sounds now bless the heavens above and help unite the land below, may your dreams keep mixing ours, and may god bump to your beats in his eternal sonata.

    you will not be forgotten.

    sleep well friend, sleep well…

  3. Nimmersatt says:

    RIP Nujabes. It´s making me really sad to know that you departed so early from life and that I won´t have the chance to see you perform your great music live. I will keep honoring your art as long as I live because it´s so purly beautiful.

    And big thanks for posting his discography dOk

  4. Ban says:

    Nujabes was a great Man, and turns a great LEGEND

  5. serg says:

    track 05 Winter Lane from Modal Soul Classics is corrupt. :(

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    thank you Seba!! we”ll miss ya!

    Thanks to the forum for this!

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    Nujabes, final album!!! Spiritual State.

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    Thank you very much for sharing.
    And of course…rest in peace nujabes…
    I admired, loved and still am loving your works.

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    Thank you very much friend,
    Let his legacy live on,
    Loved your works and music you will not be forgotten.
    Rest well friend.

    His heart still beats on in his music.

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    Nujabes aint dead. Don’t believe?

    Press PLAY.

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    Nice dude

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    Thanks a lot! :) I finally decided to download all his albums.

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    Thanks for the downloads! Its hard finding Nujabes albums.

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    You lived a fulfilled life and your name will be carried through us long into history.

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    I juss started listening to nujabes work, he truly was a great musician. Im soo amazed. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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    Man it just makes me sad that this amazing guy passed from a car accident. He produces such epic music and ive been watching samurai champloo over and over just to here a few em’ now i can share his music with people.

  28. Wanderer says:

    RIP Nujabes! I found him too late, but his music has changed my life. I was on the precipice and his music, his vision, brought me back. I am so thankful. May his legend live on in his music and in our hearts.

    And thank you for posting this. I have been trying to find his music everywhere. Even his CDs are unattainable….

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