M64 (Ragen Fykes + Ohmega Watts) – Rhythm Of The Drum


M64 is the collaboration of vocalist, Ragen Fykes &  emcee/producer Ohmega Watts.

“The M64 Collabo is when Ohmega and I link together and we make music. It stands for Messar 64. It’s also known as the Black Eye galaxy.” Messar 64 was created when two other galaxies collided in space, causing the smaller, inner galaxy to spin clockwise. The gases from this galaxy in turn, make the larger, outer galaxy rotate counter-clockwise. Fykes discovered Messar 64 while at work one day, researching, “things that were spacey.” Watts liked the sound of the shortened version and the two of them agreed that the name represented their creative collaborative efforts.

For more info check: www.recordbreakin.com/rbm013.html


01. Rhythm Of The Drum
02. In The Pocket

link removed MULTIMIRROR

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