La Fine Equipe – La Boulangerie


From French Beatmakers La Fine Equipe (Blanka, Oogo, Mr.Gib, Mattic and Chomsky) comes the album La Boulangerie, masters of the sampler one and all. Here they showcase their skills with the MPC over 37 tracks, whose titles seem to come from staring longingly at the scrumptious delights in the pâtisserie window. They cut up soul, funk, reggae, dioulouge, swing, dub, hip hop, arabic music, rocksteady and anything else they come across, enjoy!


01. Intro feat Oogo
02. Opéra feat Chomsky
03. Religieuse feat Blanka
04. Sablé Fraise feat Oogo
05. Choux à la crème feat Mr Hone
06. Tarte au citron feat Chomsky
07. Petit pain feat Oogo
08. Fondant au chocolat feat Santo
09. Chouquette feat Chomsky
10. Bouballe feat Chomsky
11. Croissant aux amandes feat Santo
12. Rawsberry Danishes feat DR
13. Pain au chocolat feat Chomsky
14. Borodinsky feat Onra
15. Brioche feat Blanka
16. Makrout feat Oogo
17. Palmier Papillon feat Mr Gib
18. Paris Brest feat Mr Hone
19. Macaron feat Chomsky
20. Grillé aux pommes feat Mr Gib
21. Très léché feat Quetzal
22. Girl Scout Cookie feat Mr Modo
23. Pompe à l’huile feat Blanka
24. Forêt Noire feat Santo
25. Ganache feat Creestal
26. Space Cake feat Oogo
27. Honeybuns feat DR
28. Baba au Rhum feat Quetzal
29. Cannelé feat Chomsky
30. Gateau des rois feat Creestal
31. Crumble Poire feat DR
32. Coupe de Riz à la Jamaicaïne feat Quetzal
33. Brownie feat Chomsky
34. Charlotte au chocolat feat Oogo
35. Baguette feat Blanka
36. Meringue feat Blanka
37. Outro feat Oogo

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  1. Valeriu_Ciubotaru says:

    tell me please what is the sample of Choux a la creme, its the fifth track.

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