Jon Phonics – Jonathan's Beats & Pieces


London, England based producer Jon Phonics recently released a free 28-track instrumental album showcasing beats he constructed over the last two months called, Jonathan’s Beats & Pieces. The album turned out to be a dope inside look on what this talented beatsmith has to offer, especially considering it takes a year or two for other producers to whip up a beat tape like this.

You can expect spaced out foundations, dirty electronic stabs, trippy samples, blunted bass lines, and yet another solid beat showcase from an overseas up and comer. Don’t sleep.

little preview:


01. Intro
02. Chipfunk
03. Bump ‘N Ground
04. A Dying Breed
05. Jonnyalizeandthebutterscollab feat. Jyager
06. In the Rumble of the Belly
07. Stunting
08. Hands On The Table feat. Piff Mayo
09. Words from the Brimstone
10. Bunsen Burner
11. Illest shit you ever heard (w_ Toe Jam & Earl)
12. In the Yeah
13. Mama always told me
14. TextYour(d) Links (Hush)
15. Personal Gain
16. Do it
17. White Pain
18. Ice Cream
19. I aint rich baby
20. The Truth
21. Peace Keeper
22. I Love Cats
23. Lipstick on your collar
24. Hitthewetbacksforthegetback
25. The Joint
26. Do you want this
27. Spaceache
28. White Socks (Outro)

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