DJ House Shoes – An Experiment in Instrumentation


An Experiment in Instrumentation is definitely one of the stand outs among the beat tapes in my opinion. There is not many words to describe the tape. There is also no lane it can be categorized in. Its a step in a new direction. A step of growth in my production. And most importantly, it’s new material for my people. Enjoy, & all feedback is appreciated.


01. Lights Off (featuring Karen O)
02. Darth Vader
03. Frequency
04. Transgression
05. Lifted Up
06. Smile (featuring Angela McCluskey)
07. Of All Hearts
08. Icompetence
09. Chromaticism
10. Smoke Chronic
11. Let Me Burn
12. Instill
13. My Building
14. Splenda
15. New Chugga Freestyle Instrumental

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