Clutchy Hopkins – The Story Teller


Fact or fiction? Is an alias? Or is this the true name for a reclusive musical powerhouse? Are his recordings vintage, new, or a mix of both? Some may wonder about these things, along with why some dudes have a long pinky nails or whatever happened to myspace, others may ask if any of this really matters? While the mystery surrounding the artist is no longer news, the music only gets better, maturing like a fine wine.

this album is the most varied Hopkins album to date encompassing lots of vocal textures, and a dash of worldly vibes. Check the Brazilian-psyche-like No Contact… Contact, and the mad spooky science of Miles Chillin, or the shuffling Thinkin’ of Eva which would sound perfectly at home playing in a Parisian cafĂ©. It’s an album influenced by Hopkins time in jail, where, while in the courtyard, he met many international prisoners waiting to be deported. Lo-fi, acoustic, finger- snapping, hand-clapping, whistle-and-hummed jam sessions gave Hopkins the ideas which he later put to tape.


01. Giraffe Crack
02. Laughing Jockey
03. No Contact…Contact
04. Miles Chillin’
05. Nina
06. JT Goldfish
07. Truth Seekin
08. Thinkin’ Of Eva
09. Light As A Feather
10. Drunk Socks
11. Verbal Headlock

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