The Detroit Experiment – The Detroit Experiment


In this talent-packed project, a varied cast of Detroit players were thrown into a studio for a few days to see what would happen. Produced by techno pioneer Carl Craig, the lineup includes jazz heavies (reedist Bennie Maupin, trumpeter Marcus Belgrave, pianist Geri Allen, and violin sensation Regina Carter), Motown session players (guitarist Percy Hughes and drummer Ron Otis), and various hip-hop and electronic people. The result is a tidy musical package crammed with rich ambient textures, percolating rhythms (stellar percussionist Francisco Mora sees to that), and strong grooves that still leave enough room for the jazz folk to solo comfortably. Ranging from the smooth-jazz-like “Revelation” to the interstellar bop of “Space Odyssey” to the outright hip-hop of “The Way We Make Music” to a surreal reading of Stevie Wonder’s “Too High,” the 14 tracks here have a little something for everyone, without sacrificing quality. Rarely has this new electro-jazz-hip-hop hybrid had such soul, but what else would you expect from Detroit?

little preview:


01. Space Odyssey
02. Think Twice
03. Revelation
04. Baby Needs New Shoes
05. There Is a God – Geri Allen, Regina Carter
06. Church
07. Enterluud
08. Vernors
09. Too High – Amp Fiddler
10. Highest
11. Midnight at the Twenty Grand
12. Taste of Tribe
13. Way We Make Music – Athletic Mic League, Invincible
14. Revelation Reprise

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