Skeletons – Smile


Benedic Lamdin is a musician, producer and engineer. He has produced a string of LP’s as Nostalgia 77 for Tru Thoughts; he also produces all the releases for his own label, Impossible Ark. This time though he has summoned a new style of work with a heavily African influenced record:

“Some of the music here started life as commissions for a library music company, pastiches and forgeries paid for by the current vogue for a certain style of African jazz. Once I’d done a few though I couldn’t stop, it was my default preoccupation…”

Indeed, this is an album was almost entirely written by Lamdin, whilst actually being played by various musicians as they passed through. The result is an incredible musical collage that has taken on its own identity.
In his own words, “Skeletons is a made up band. I kid you not – it doesn’t exist. These musicians never stood in the studio together, they just passed through my house or left some scraps of sound behind after sessions we were working on. This record is like a guy, pieced together and ready for the bonfire.”


01. Positive Force
02. Marathon Man
03. Mr Mystery
04. 50 Degrees
05. Gravel
06. Firesticks
07. Over The Bridge
08. Skeletons
09. Guadelupe
10. Mulatu
11. Blood
12. Adam And Eve Featuring The Voice Of Alice Russell

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