Jazz Addixx Albums!

Mudd and Ragz Make up the Jazz Addixx. Take a listen to the tracks and see why these guys decided to work together. Teamwork goes a long way. MUDD the Emcee and beat creator is from Chicago but now stays in the VA/DC area. Ragz the DJ and Beat Creator is from Roseville CA and just moved back to CA from the DC/VA area. The Jazz Addixx continue to work on new projects together and continue to do shows. Mudd and Ragz show you why over a decade of friendship and Muzik Making together goes a long way. For more info check: myspace.com/jazzaddixx1

little preview:

2005 – Oxygen


01. Intro
02. Say Jazzy
03. Body Flow
04. Chill
05. Booms Interlude
06. Something You Live Feat. Dr.Becket
07. H.I.P.-H.O.P.
08. Flowin Feat. Dr.Becket
09. Far From The Average
10. Ragz Interlude
11. Oxygen Feat. Primo The Cinematic
12. Serenade
13. Stress
14. Catch Wrek
15. Mudd’s Intermission
16. Mindstate
17. It’s A Shame
18. Unborn
19. Outro
20. Catch Wrek Live

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2007 – Oxygen Refreshed


01. Intro
02. Say Jazzy
03. H.I.P – H.O.P
04. Stress
05. Somethin Ya Live Ft. Dr. Becket
06. The Warm Up
07. Dope
08. Love
09. Oxygen Ft. Primo The Cinematic
10. Don’t Judge
11. Today’s Lesson
12. Un-Terlude
13. Mindstate
14. It’s A Shame
15. Feels Good
16. Serenade
17. Far From The Average
18. Jazz Hop
19. 1200 Jazz
20. Bless The Child

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  1. Robert says:

    i just discovered Jazzaddixx and wanted to ask u for a reup of their albums
    id buy their tracks but since i dont have any access to a credit card i am limited in my possibilities to support them

    greetz Bob

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