Aurélien Atkins – Beyond Words


Aurelien Atkins is a producer-composer originating in the north of France. In love with music and hiphop all his youth, he decides at 20 years old to create his own music: a rude and sweet style at the same time he will deepen beyond the borders of rap. His music become hardly definable and touches a population much broader than hiphop. His influences go from Kankick to Pigeon John, passing by Al Green or Danger Mouse. After having produced a 17 tracks demo cd in 2006, his debut album “Beyond words” is available after more than one year of elaboration. For more info check:


01. The Beginning
02. End of theater
03. Accident
04. Sealed time
05. Inconditional
06. Consumed revolt
07. Reflection
08. Brown cloud
09. Walk with sleep
10. Lemmings
11. Aging, changing & dying
12. Impermanence
13. The True begining is now

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