Nostalgia 77 Albums!

Ben Lamdin’s creations range from heavy funk, to hip-hop based beats mixed with dusty old jazz, obscuro funk and psych bits and pieces.

Nostalgia 77 aka Ben Lamdin first burst onto the scene with his heavy, new funk based sound in 2002. In 2004 he moved away from the distinctive raw funk of his previous singles and he branched out to explore a more downtempo and jazz infused style. Nostalgia’s sound moved to hip-hop based beats fused with dusty old jazz; obscuro funk and psych bits and pieces, repolishing and rearranging them for modern day headphone junkies.

The success of this composition lead Ben to a style he describes as “a combination of soul and jazz composition with computer based production techniques”. Coming from producing hip hop style beats he had always heard snippets of jazz tracks he loved, so the fuller musical expression of actually making his own jazz music was inevitable.

His cover version of Seven Nation Army with Alice Russell has also helped bring his “Jazz Jihad” mission to a wider audience!

Aiming for an edgy sound whilst continuing to search for a more personal expression, Nostalgia 77’s influences include free and spiritual jazz as well as 60’s funk and soul and Afro sounds.

Nostalgia 77 can be booked as a DJ or as the full nine piece live band.

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2004 – Songs For My Funeral


01. Processional
02. Conventicle
03. Rain Walk
04. Only Hush
05. Metamophosis
06. Mirror
07. Gates, Pt. 1 & 2
08. Dirge
09. Funeral
10. Beginning

2005 – The Garden


01. Cheney Lane
02. Changes
03. Green Blades Of Grass
04. You And Me
05. The Hunger
06. After Ararat
07. Freedom
08. Seven Nation Army
09. The Garden

2006 – Borderlands


01. One For Man
02. Question
03. Layer Lines
04. The Cat
05. Tad More
06. Lotus Tree
07. Chorale
08. Desert Fairy Princess

2006 – Sevens & Eigths


01. Changes
02. Hunger
03. Down Another Road
04. Green Blades Of Grass
05. Freedom
06. Watusa
07. Hope Suite

2007 – Everything Under The Sun


01. Wildflower
02. Stop To Make A Change
03. Dreamers Dance
04. Little Steps
05. Eastwind
06. Everything Under The Sun
07. Quiet Dawn
08. Arora
09. Steps To The Sun

2007 – Weapons Of Jazz Destruction


01. Chola
02. Stars
03. The District
04. Journey Home
05. To Have Or To Be?
06. Musical Silt
07. Medusa
08. When Love Is Strange
09. If At First
10. Solstice
11. One Step Out

2008 – One Offs,Remixes and B-sides


01. Quiet Dawn (Example of Twelves Remix)
02. Knee Deep (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
03. Little Steps (Instrumental Version)
04. So Grown Up
05. Solomon (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
06. Forgetting to Remember (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
07. Conventical (TM Juke Remix)
08. Sad Thing
09. In Between The Lines (Nostalgia 77 Remix Alternate Unreleased Mix)
10. Your Love Is Mine feat. Corinne Bailey Rae (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
11. Reversed (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
12. Wildflower (Povo Remix)
13. Quiet Dawn (Bonobo remix)
14. Freedom (Zombie Dance Mix Parts 1 & 2)
15. Seven Nation Army (Grant Phabao Remix)

CD 2
01. The Hope Suite (Live)
02. Nativeland
03. Desert Fairy Princess (Alternative Take)
04. The Love Theme (Nostalgia 77 version)
05. The Moon
06. Eastwind (Instrumental)
07. The Grass Harp
08. Stop To Make A Change (Instrumental)
09. The Impossible Equation

2009 – The Nostalgia Sessions Vol.1 feat. Keith & Julie Tippett


01. You Don’t Just Dream When You Sleep
02. Film Blues
03. Sketch For Gary/Billy Goes To Town
04. Mice
05. Rainclouds
06. Lapis Blue
07. Soothing The Rattlesnake
08. Miniature
09. Vienna
10. Visions
11. Okinawa
12. Temple
13. Four Whispers For Archie’s Chair
14. New Inner City Blues

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