The Nope (Moka Only+PSY) – Melba

THE NOPE are Torch & Psy. It’s what happens when rappers from opposite coasts link up and happily trash everything in their way. Psy (from Toronto ‘s “Oddities” collective) and Torch (from gawd knows where) have re-revolutionized free thought over a bunch of lovely tracks supplied by none other than Moka Only (from Vancouver’s famed band, “Moka Only”). The Nope give serious ponderance to the preponderance of things such as religion, McDonalds, girls (both the sex & relationships that are had with them), rap, rain, stress, fortitude, gas, and all things mental. Some would say life is incomplete without the Nope. They are nitwits. Join them, and immerse yourself in an environment that won’t judge you….much


01. Y’all Hear?
02. Yeah!
03. Where the Chorus Goes…
04. Nopefolk Goh feat. Ishkan
05. It’s Because I Don’t Have Not Much
06. Balls ‘N Brains
07. Gonnado
08. Let’s Do Lunch
09. Dada
10. Rain All Day
11. We Play the Music
12. In L.A.
13. Give It Bop
14. You Think, You’re Wrong
15. Gorilla Guerilla Go Realla!
16. To Go (Let’s Go)
17. Wedonappreciatit
18. Walk Around
19. Ocean Clit
20. Sound Like Treach
21. Gas
22. *Bonus* Yo Chuck (Original Nope Track – 2002)

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