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Rob-O (born Robert Odindo in Mount Vernon, New York) is an African-American rapper of INI, who parlayed his childhood friendship with producer Pete Rock into a modest career as an MC. He is known for his deft, affable delivery, which conveys a preternatural self-assurance. His lyrics reflect a nominal affiliation with the Nation of Gods and Earths.

Rob-O’s debut recorded appearance is on the track The Basement, the fourteenth in sequence on Mecca and the Soul Brother (1992), the seminal debut album by the duo of Pete Rock and his creative partner CL Smooth. In 1995, he was heavily featured on the InI debut album, Center of Attention, which was released in 2003 by BBE Records as half of a split release that also included The Original Baby Pa, the album by fellow Pete Rock associate DeDa. Rob-O’s most recent work, Rhyme Pro, was released in January 2007, and mostly consists of material recorded in the years between 1996 and 1999.

1999 – Super Spectacular EP


01. Would You Miss Me?
02. Who Is He
03. Murderville
04. Star Qualities (prod. Pete Rock)
05. Don’t You Love It
06. Wunderlust
07. World Premier
08. So Many Rappers (prod. Pete Rock)

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2003 – Lost & Found Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics (with INI)


CD1 – INI – Center of Attention
01. Rob O Beattalk
02. Fake’n Jax
03. The Life I Live
04. Square
05. Mind Over Matter
06. Center Of Attention
07. To Each His Own
08. Crossroads
09. No Words
10. What They Say

CD2 – Deda – The Original Baby Pa
01. Everyman
02. Baby Pa
03. How I’m Livin
04. Blah Uno
05. Can’t Wait
06. I Originate
07. Markd4Death
08. Nasty Scene
09. Nothing More
10. Press Rewind
11. Rhyme Writer
12. Too Close
13. Understand?

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2007 – Rhyme Pro


01. Intro
02. The Magnificent (Ft. Unsung Hero)
03. Stay Away (Ft. De La Soul)
04. Don’t You Love It
05. Rhyme Tighter
06. The Life I Live Pt.2
07. Mention Me (Ft. Mecalicious)
08. So Many Rappers (Ft. Pete Rock)
09. Murderville
10. Superspectacular
11. Wonderlust
12. World Premier
13. Who Is He
14. Magnificent (Remix)
15. Vernon Villians (Ft. Mecalicious)

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