MidaZ – El MidaZ Affair

Despite having one of the shorter careers out of their contemporaries, the El MidaZ Affair were one of the biggest groups of the early 1970s. Comprised of lead vocalist Javier El MidaZ, drummer Willie “Knuckles” Johnson, bassist Bobby “Too Tall” Willingston, guitarist K.C. Anderson, backup vocalist Rasheeda “Bird” Jackson, horn players Jake and Drake Wyman, and keyboard player Guter Jivelbergen, the group earned their reputation on the chittlin circuit as a must-see live act, playing festivals, state fairs, and jook joints across the south.

By the time they signed a record contract in 1973, the group was at the height of their buzz. But things took a turn for the worse. Studio sessions were tainted by drug use, alcoholism, and an unprecedented pinball machine addiction stirred inner turmoil among the band members. Though a full-length album was recorded, the band split up before it could be released and the project was shelved indefinitely. The members of the El MidaZ Affair moved on to new phases in their life, while El MidaZ himself became a recluse, never to be heard from again.

MidaZ meets El Michels Affair, enjoy!


01. Once Upon A Time
02. Creation
03. Runnin
04. My Shit
05. Colors
06. Rhyme Show Ft. Vis Major of Heart N Brain
07. Glaciers Of Mics
08.  Easy Access Ft. Jkroaz
09. Stereotypical Black Man
10. Hell On Earth Ft. Vis Major of Heart N Brain
11. Left For Dead
12. You
13. Winter
14. …Ever After

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