MaG – I Ain’t Goin’ Back to Retail! [LP]

free LP by MaG, I Ain’t Goin’ Back to Retail! (sponsored by HypeLG & Dope Couture). The project features production from the likes of Remot, Small Professor, J-Rell, and Cold Legistics as well as performances from 6th Sense, Zach Berkman and Kil Ripkin.


01. This Ain’t An Intro (prod. J Dilla)
02. It’s Alright (prod. Large Professor)
03. This Ain’t Rap (prod. Remot)
04. Just Being Me (prod. J Rell)
05. The Truman Show (prod J Rell)
06. Proud, Gifted & Black feat. Kil Ripkin (prod. Small Professor)
07. This Is My Time feat. Mr. Al Pete (prod. ADS)
08. Gimme More (prod. Dert)
09. Blinders (prod. Small Professor)
10. Sumthin’ To See feat. CP (prod. Small Professor)
11. I Ain’t Goin’ Back To Retail (prod. J Rell)
12. I’m Leaving (prod Cold Legistics)
13. Christmas Bonuses: Rich & Famous Remix feat. Zach Berkman & 6th Sense (prod G.C.) La Dolce Vita (prod. DJ Priority)

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