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Jneiro Jarel (born Omar Gilyard) is a Philadelphia-based hip hop producer. Noted for his abstract style, he is also known for his beat-making alias Dr. Who Dat? and his group Shape of Broad Minds, who released both their debut EP and album on Lex Records in the summer of 2007.

Jneiro Jarel and mysterious Dr Who Dat? Who dat? Jneiro is the backbone of his innovative group Shape of Broad Minds and the other half of Willie Isz along with Khujo Goodie from ATL’s lengendary Goodie Mob! He is one of the 1st hip hop producers from the 90′s along with ishmael (Digable Planets), Organized Noize, Madlib, The Neptunes and a few others to take hip hop to astral places! Connecting outer space with true hip hop. Others have made attempts but wasn’t able to capture the true essence of the cosmic vibes! Seeing sound as stars and comets that blast off to Viberia! He also is a vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist that fuses shoegaze, psychedelic rock , soul, electronica and punk with his sound!

for more info check: www.myspace.com/jneirojarel

little preview:


2004 – Timeless Vol.1


01. The Son Of Jarel Featuring – DJ Henan, Dr. Who Dat?
02. Chinubian (Instrumental)
03. How We Do Dis (Lover’s Mix) Featuring Rocque Wun
04. Rocque Wun – So Complicated Featuring Jneiro Jarel
05. It’s Like Fire (Doin It Up Mix)
06. Alive Featuring – Rocque Wun
07. 4U
08. Cosmic Slurp (Secret Reverse Track Interlude)
09. Look Forward Man (Interlude)
10. Hold Each Other Tight
11. Uma Delica Featuring Aahtue
12. Brooklyn Mood
13. Rocque Wun – Picture Perfect Featuring Jneiro Jarel
14. Do Yo Thang (Backyard Mix)
15. Crash Interlude (Instrumental)
16. Dr. Who Dat? – Way U Move Me Featuring – Rocque Wun
17. Rocque Wun – I Believe Featuring – Jneiro Jarel
18. Breathin’ Outro (Rocque Wun Freestyle)

link removed MEGAUPLOAD

2005 – Three Piece Puzzle


01. Connect Wit It
02. Big Bounce Theory
03. Crashing Comets (Drums by Jaz Sawyer, Electric Piano by George Katsiris, Trumpet by Cecil Young)
04. Do Yo Thang
05. Jneirieireooo!!!!! (A DJ Kiva Interlude)
06. Get Yuh Own
07. It’s Like Fire Yo!!
08. N.A.S.A.
09. Breathin
10. Won’t Let You Go (No, No, No) feat.Afra Behn
11. Play With Lil’ Dorothy (Interlude)
12. Eeee Love feat.Capital Peoples
13. Sun Walkers feat.Mel Owens (instruments)
14. Black Cinderella
15. Soul Starr (Guitar by George katsiris)
16. Lemme See Yuh!
17. Stranger They Come
18. Doinis!!
19. Let’s Get Wit It feat.Aahtue, Jawaad and Nahuma Holiday
20. Lock Down
21. Here Comes The Son

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2006 – Beat Journey


01. Beat Rock
02. Braziliant Thought
03. Pharoah’s Dream Featuring – Capital Peoples
04. B-Boy Portrait in Spain Trumpet – Jawwaad Taylor*
05. March To Viberia
06. Stop Calling Me
07. Thumpa
08. On The Doelow
09. Deep Blaque
10. Creepin
11. Memories
12. ASAP (Flash)
13. Follow
14. Daiya Featuring – Capital Peoples
15. Kelly Drive Co-producer – Count Bass D Keyboards – Dr. Who Dat?
16. Ageless Daisy
17. Bahia Blues
18. Warped 45

2007 – Craft Of The Lost Art


01. Gorilla Mash
02. Light Years Away
03. Lets Go ft. MF Doom
04. Changes
05. Nahuma
06. Opr8r
07. BuddaFly Away
08. Unamed
09. It lives On ft. Count Bass D
10. So Much (Chaos) ft. Lil Sci
11. Buzz Around Town
12. They Dont Know ft. Stacy Epps
13. Bopper Blocker
14. Electric Blue
15. Mermaid (Outro)
16. It Aint Dead!!
17. Beast From Da East
18. Lullabanger (Thelonius Dedication)
19. Viberian Sun
20. There 4 Me
21. Stiff Robots & Drunken Horses
22. Solo (Underwater) ft. Deborah Jordan
23. 12C

2009 – Beyond 2morrow


01. Lurk
02. Jaws of Clover
03. Space Balls
04. Lace & Candy
05. Dr. 400,000,000
06. JJ-Tron
07. Bumpy Bump Face
08. Cosmic Congo
09. Nights Over Nantes/Brakes
10. Viberian Twilight Pt.2
11. Beyond 2morrow
12. Dark Moon/Cafe
13. Ghetto Dreaming

2009 – Georgiavania (with Khujo Goodie)


01. Willie Intro
02. Blast Off
03. Georgiavania
04. Loner
05. Gawn Jet
06. I Didn’t Mean To
07. U Want Some
08. Spiritual Gladiators
09. The Grussle
10. Violet Heart Box
11. Autopilot

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