Fresh Breath Committee – C.P.R.


Fresh Breath Committee is a Denver, Colorado hip-hop group driven to create substantial hip-hop music. Hip-hop is becoming a lost art form that Fresh Breath Committee wants to revive. Because hip-hop can change lives, hip-hop is music with meaning, music that wants to tell a story in order to educate others about situations that many people face. Fresh Breath Committee wants to create music that people can listen to and walk away with an increase in knowledge. Fresh Breath Committee can also be called Fresh Breath, FBC, or The Committee. A unique sound, with messages contained in moving sound tracks of harmonies, beats, and melodies: Fresh Breath Committee is taking the foundation of hip hop and transcending it, by blending it with moving and inspiring music and narrative messages. For more info check!

little preview:


01. Intro
02. Right Direction
03. Chaos
04. Keepin’ It Classic
05. Day’s Gone
06. Simple & Plain
07. Bus Stop
08. 20/20 Vision
09. Got Me Trippin’
10. Smash
11. Save The Day (Ft. Masta Ace)
12. All Mighty Men
13. Why They Do What They Do
14. Sail Away
15. Watch Ya Shadow
16. Soul Music
17. Turn It Up (Ft. The Reminders)
18. The Last Scrolls
19. Reflection Of Me

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