Eyedea & Abilities Albums!

Eyedea & Abilities, originally known as Sixth Sense, is an American rap duo. Eyedea who also performs under the name Oliver Hart and with freestyle group Face Candy, became widely known because of his battle and freestyle skills. Eyedea is best known for his victory at the Blaze Battle, which was aired on HBO, showing some of the best underground battlers in action. Eyedea originally toured with Slug and other Rhymesayers crew. He made the jump from a battle emcee with the release of his first album First Born by joining forces with DJ Abilities. DJ Abilities is known for winning three DMC awards and for his work on his mixtapes and 1200 Hobos…..for more info check the myspace!

2001 – First Born


01. One
02. Music Music
03. Birth Of A Fish
04. Powdered Water Too Pt. 1
05. Powdered Water Too Pt. 2
06. Color My World
07. Liquid Sovereignty
08. A Murder Of Memories
09. Blindly Firing
10. Big Shots
11. Void (Internal Theory)
12. The Dive (Part 1)
13. The Dive (Part 2)
14. Well Being
15. Read Wiped In Blue
16. Void (External Theory)
17. On This I Stand
18. Before And After [Feat. Blueprint]

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2004 – E&A


01. Reintroducing
02. Now
03. Kept
04. Exhausted Love
05. Star Destroyer
06. Paradise
07. One Twenty
08. Man vs. Ape
09. Get Along
10. Two Men and a Lady
11. E&A Day
12. Act Right
13. Glass

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2009 – By The Throat


01. Hay Fever
02. Spin Cycle
03. Time Flies When You Have A Gun
04. Burn Fetish
05. Sky Diver
06. Junk
07. Forgive Me For My Synapses
08. This Story
09. Factory
10. Smile
11. By The Throat

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  1. Ada Z. says:

    Thanx a lot for great stuff! : )

  2. lordvegan says:

    you will be missed, eyedea! thanks for posting his albums–his music will live on. paz

  3. David Martinez says:

    R.EYE.P. Michael……..So very sad

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