Starving Artists Crew – Up Pops the Sac


The Starving Artists Crew consisted of SP, IQ, Brainstorm, and DJ Phizyx. SP & IQ (Ike) hailing from Metro Detroit and Brainstrom and Phizyx hailing from the greater Flint area. SP and Ike met up in the later 90s and started working toegether. SP ran into Phiz at St. Andrews one friday and gave him a tape he had done called “Beat Poetry”. Phiz liked it and was inducted into the group shortly after. Brainstorm was a later addition to the group right around the time we release our first single entitled “Artistry Original/Four Square VLS”. After that we got crackin on a full length album that was later entitled “Up Pops The SAC” which was released in Japan by PVine/Blues Interactions and domestically by Fatbeats NYC. Shortly after the album was released the SAC did a Japan tour and started recording a second album. About a quarter of the way thru, SP decided to move out to Los Angeles to further pursue his musical endevors and Brainstorm relocated to Yuma Arizona to pursue a career as an english teacher. IQ currently still resides in the Metro Detroit area and is working on a solo joint. Brainstorm is chillin, well, not really. It gets hot as hell down there in southern AZ. Hes befriended some dudes and is always makin music in one way or the other. SP is currently finishing up a solo project to be released in Japan by PVine/Blues Interactions. Where Phiz is atwell, thats a mystery to us still. Peace and love to the boys and everyone back in Detroit MI. Keep on keepin on and who knows, maybe I’ll get off my ass one of these days and release the shit we started recording for the second album.

little preview:


01. Intro
02. The Ill Na Na
03. Sac Swagger
04. Feed the Homeless
05. Kick Clap, The
06. Saggy Pants
07. Grateful Dead
08. Organic Chemistry
09. Motivate
10. Artistry Redux
11. B-Boy Buffet
12. The Promise
13. Bic to the Hailers
14. Up Pops the Sac
15. Five Day Trippin’
16. Game of Steel
17. 96 W. Ferry
18. Dedicated

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