Jackson Conti (Madlib + Mamão of Azymuth) – Sujinho

Madlib loves Brasilian music, although in 2002 this wasn’t that obvious to many. At that time he was beginning the experiments that led to the Yesterday New Quintet records from 2003 to today. Bryan Cross, a member of the Keepintime-crew, asked Madlib if he wanted to go to Brasil for a project which eventually resulted in Brasilintime. A couple weeks after the invitation Madlib handed Bryan Cross (B+) a cd-r containing Madlib versions / covers of his favourite Azymuth songs. One of the goals regarding the trip to Brasil was to get in contact with Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti, the fantastic drummer of Azymuth, in which they certainly succeeded. Mamão reacted with genuine excitement on the Madlib covers, singing and playing percussion along with it, even calling in his wife to hear. A Madlib, Mamão collaboration would only take time and organization. Madlib then played a new CD of tracks that he had been working on with this project in mind and there was one that stuck with Mamão. Segura esta Onda is that track and it is really a tribute to Azymuth. Mamão ended up singing on it. It was a mystical night and within two months Madlib had turned those rhythm tracks into the album which is now out on Kindred Spirits. Filled with songs from the greats of Brasilian music of the mid sixties to early seventies. Luiz Eca, Chico Buarque, Joao Donato, Baden and Vinicius, Marcos Valle, Dom Um Romao, Airto even George Duke gets a look in and of course Azymuth. Madlib is an artist that gives one new ears every couple of years if you choose to pay close enough attention. As for Jackson Conti, Madlib & Azymuth will blow your heads wide open!


01. Mamoaism
02. Berumba
03. Anna De Amsterdam Interlude
04. Praca De Republica
05. Papaya
06. Brazilian Sugar
07. Sao Paolo Nights
08. Xibaba
09. Upa Neguinho
10. Casa Forte
11. Amazon Stroll
12. Berimbau
13. Anna De Amsterdam Reprise
14. Waiting On The Corner
15. Tijuca Man
16. Nao Tem Nada Nao
17. Sunset At Sujinho
18. Segura Esta Onda


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