J. Rocc – Breaker's Revenge

I made this mix in 2001…I was selling copies at the Red Bull event “Lords of the Floor” that was held in Seattle.

It was released on Cassette (60 mins.) and on C.D…..

(shout out to B Plus who bought a copy of the tape at Fat Beats…..
and he still has that copy!!)

Side A is all electro
Side B is breaks


01. Arthur Baker – “Breaker’s Revenge”
02. Fantasy Three – “Summer (Bonus Beat)”
03. Nairobi & the Awesome Foursome – “Funky Soul Makossa”
04. Chris (The Glove) Taylor & David Storrs – “Tibetan Jam”
05. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – “Planet Rock”
06. Twilight 22 – “Electric Kingdom”
07. Kraftwerk – “Numbers”
08. Cybotron – “Clear”
09. Galactic Force Band – “Space Dust”
10. Dennis Coffey – “Ride Sally Ride”
11. New Birth – “Gotta Get A Knutt”
12. JJ Johnson – “Parade Strut”
13. Manzel – “Space Funk”
14. King Curtis – “Memphis Soul Stew”
15. Eddie Warner – “Devil’s Anvil”
16. Police Woman Break
17. Ricky Williams – “Discotech Soul”
18. Incredible Bongo Band – “In A Gadda Da Vida”
19. (what t.v. show from Mexico used this as a theme song?)
20. “Hey Hey Goodbye Breaks”

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