Madlib – Speto Da Rua (Dirty Brasilian Crates Volume 1)

Madlib really needs no introduction. In 2007 Madlib went with the Mochilla crew to Recife in the Northeast of Brasil. After spending three weeks there he came home and made six mixes. He named them Dirty Brasilian Crates Vol. 1. They are filled with jumps, cross referenced with Bossa, notated with Folkloric chants, pointed with Jazz. Lyrical, dirty and strikingly beautiful this is Volume 1. The title of the mix comes from Madlib’s favorite food from the trip, found on the streets of Olinda chicken skewers coated with farofa. The Album was out in 2008 under the Mochilla Label. We don’t have a tracklist, just a unique track… 1 hour through brazilian music selected e mixed by Madlib.

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