Artofficial – Fist Fights and Foot Races

Miami-based ArtOfficial consists of Danny Perez on keys, Manny Patino on drums, Ralf Valencia on bass, and Keith Cooper on the saxophone, with vocals provided by emcees Newsense and Logics. Imagine Soulive with a harder edge or The Roots, but jazzier, denser, and more spontaneous. Envision blending your favorite groups from Hip-Hop’s Golden era and replacing their sampled beats with Jazz musicians. This is the album out in 2008,  fore more info check the myspace! enjoy!

little preview:


01. K33
02. Big City Bright Lights
03. Skunk Ape
04. Eyes Of A Stranger
05. Too Nasty
06. Gone
07. Clockwork
08. Bottle Of Hope
09. Remember The Days
10. Rewind
11. Word Bending
12. Architect
13. Sound Check On Saturn
14. Big City Bright Lights (Shin-Ski Remix)

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