J Rawls & John Robinson Presents Jay Are – 1960's Jazz Revolution Again

J.Rawls and John Robinson present their group Jay Are with the release The 1960′s Jazz Revolution Again, an ode to not only jazz music, but the culture that inspired progressive social/political movements, as well as a vast array of cultural exploration. Meshing the spirit of the 1960s, both J.Rawls and John Robinson explore the genre of jazz music, as many would consider it to be the grandfather of hip hop, while participating in a freedom which allowed various artists to come together, vibe out, and produce great music that will be studied for years to come. Musicians of the 60′s reacted to their social environment creating art and music that was reflective of their environment and culture, and both J.Rawls and John Robinson continue that process as our current political and socio-economic times face much peril.

I added “Whoizzy” a track that not was present on the album but recently released on the web.
If you don’t want to download entire album, just click on track 15 for the download of the bonus track.


01. A Lesson From Trane
02. It’s Jay Are
03. Know U feat. Invizible Handz
04. Type Sounds
05. She’s So Brilliant feat. Rashad
06. The 1960′s Jazz Revolution Again
07. Music Is Forever
08. Relax Ur Mind feat. Tiffany Paige
09. Shooting Smack feat. K Banger
10. 1 Of The Greatest
11. Jazz Unconditional
12. Love Me Good feat. Dominique Larue
13. The Lee Morgan Story
14. We Make The Rules feat. Rashad
15. Whoizzy [BONUS TRACK]

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