Grand Puba – The Contemporary Classics



01. Just don’t learn (feat. Lord Jamar & Sadat X)
02. Same old drama (feat. Large Professor)
03. Still livin’ in the ghetto (feat. Lord Jamar, Sadat X & Starr)
04. I see dead people (feat. Lord Jamar & Rell)
05. Young son (feat. Lord Jamar & Sadat X)
06. The corner, the streets (feat. Lord Jamar)
07. Go hard (feat. Talee)
08. Who wanna be a star? (It’s brand nu baby!) (feat. Lord Jamar & Sadat X)
09. Good to go (feat. Q-Tip)
10. Wait a minute (feat. Un Kasa)
11. This joint right here (feat. Kid Capri)

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